Burn Scar Massage

Massage Therapy for Burns in Long Beach, CA

As tissue heals after a serious burn, it can result in a hypertrophic burn scar. These areas of scarred skin can continue to be sensitive even after you have recovered from the burn. The skin may also be tight, which can limit movement, particularly if this scar encompasses a joint.

Hudavi Wellness uses burn scar massage in Long Beach to decrease discomfort from any scarring and help improve mobility for those recovering from severe burns. Schedule an appointment for burn scar therapy online or call us at 562-433-2177 to learn more.

How Burn Scar Massage Therapy Works 

When a burn heals, the collagen proteins rebuild the affected skin. With many severe burns, however, the collagen reassembles with a non-uniform structure, causing raised scars that feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Once the burn has headed enough that we can safely manipulate it, we use gentle massage directly to the affected skin and in the surrounding area. This breaks down scar tissue and helps to loosen the skin, making the scarring softer and easier to move. For burn scars over joints, scar massage can often significantly increase your range and comfort of movement.

Our chiropractors and specialists at Hudavi Wellness in Long Beach will work with you to determine if burn scar massage is right for you where you are in the healing process. Our team can also provide holistic treatment solutions to help you recover from any other injuries caused by an accident.

Make an appointment with one of our chiropractors today or call us at 562-433-2177 for more information.

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