Hair Removal

Long Beach, CA, residents consider hair removal as one of the most important and challenging aspects of personal hygiene. People want a quick, effective, and comfortable way to remove excess hair from their faces and bodies. At Hudavi Wellness in Long Beach, CA, Dr. Guy Trimble offers waxing treatments to help you manage unwanted hair.

Is It Better to Wax or Shave?

Waxing is an excellent way to remove excess hair from your face and body. Shaving trims the hair at the surface of your skin. This encourages ingrown hair and skin irritation. You can typically feel stubble within 24 hours. Waxing removes the hair from the root, which prevents ingrown hair, and the results may last four to six weeks.

Is Waxing Safe for Sensitive Skin?

At Hudavi Wellness, we use a combination of waxes for our Long Beach, CA, hair removal treatments. Sensitive skin benefits from hypoallergenic wax products that are applied at just the right temperature.

Is Waxing Better Than Laser Treatments?

Waxing and laser treatments remove the entire hair follicle, but laser treatments have some disadvantages compared to waxing. Laser hair treatments are expensive, and you need a series of treatments before all the hair is removed. Waxing is an affordable way to remove all hair in a single treatment.

What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated with Waxing?

Our waxing services include almost every area of your body, such as the abdomen, chest, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area. We also treat the facial area, including the eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, nose, ears, and chin.

Should I Wax My Pubic Hair?

If you are considering waxing your pubic hair or bikini area, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with Dr. Trimble. The sensitive skin in the bikini and pelvic region requires special types of waxes. Trying to do a bikini wax, Brazilian wax, or Manzilian wax on your own may cause more discomfort and skin irritation than necessary.

Does Waxing Permanently Remove Hair?

Permanently removing hair is the ideal goal for many of our patients. Depending on your skin type, hair growth cycle, and hair texture, it may be possible to completely eliminate hair with waxing. With routine treatments over the course of eight to 12 months, the hair may grow back thinner, lighter, or not at all.

If you are interested in an affordable, comfortable, and easy facial or body hair removal treatment in Long Beach, CA, call Hudavi Wellness at (562) 433-2177. We will schedule an appointment with Dr. Trimble at our Long Beach, CA, office.

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