Massage Therapy


Our gifted massage practitioners combine a wide range of techniques with an energy conscious touch to help you relieve pain, de-stress, and heal your body.

The Signature Massage

60 minutes – $90

90 minutes – $115

Add hot stone therapy – $15

Uses a combination of techniques such as Swedish, Acupressure, and energy work with a firm touch. Our most popular table massage.

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Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes – $100

90 minutes – $130

120 minutes-$185

Our 100% Deep Tissue Massage addresses the second layer of muscle tissue to help release tension.

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60 minutes – $88

90 minutes – $124

Our popular signature massage is further customized, making this an excellent maternity massage. Pillows allow for maximum comfort. Due to the safety and the well being of clients, we can not massage anyone under 13 weeks.

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Hot Stone Ritual Massage

90 minutes – $130

While the warm stones melt away stress and draw away worry and anxiety from the body,  our trained massage therapist will use their hands and the stones to massage tension in the body, increasing circulation and promoting a deep sense of well-being.

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Power Refresh Massage

30 minutes – $50

A great choice if you’re looking for a quick escape, this fully clothed massage service focuses primarily on the upper back, shoulders and neck.

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CBD Massage

60 minutes – $110

90 minutes – $135

120 minutes – $185

CBD oil has been found to help reduce blood pressure, alleviate stress and speed up the recovery of muscles that have experienced injury or overuse. During a CBD massage, CBD can help to naturally loosen muscles, to reduce pain and inflammation, to allow for faster healing, and to improve skin health.

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Percussion Therapy

60 minutes – $80

90 minutes – $110

Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) generates 2200 RPMs of kinetic form percussion and concussion vibration. This percussion therapy addresses deep myofascial release, scar tissue, joints, ligaments and tendons. DMS releases toxins in tight, sore, and overworked muscles. Percussion therapy is perfect for old and new injuries.

Treatment is done while you are fully clothed.

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