Muscle Aches

Are muscle aches interfering with your life? Let our team at Hudavi Wellness in Long Beach, CA help you achieve the relief you desire and deserve.

Chiropractic Care for Muscle Aches

Muscle aches – otherwise known as myalgia – know no bounds. They affect people of all ages, employment types, activity levels, and walks of life. For some people, muscle aches come and go pretty quickly. For others, they tend to last much longer.

Though most people think of chiropractors as bone doctors, they actually treat the entire musculoskeletal system. In this guide, the team at Hudavi Wellness in Long Beach, CA discusses the most common causes of muscle aches and how chiropractic care can help.

Common Causes of Muscle Aches

If your muscles are aching, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons.

Injuries, Joint Problems, or Misalignment

Any time there is an injury or something off in the skeletal system, the balance of your muscles can be thrown off. They can work harder than ever to compensate for whatever isn’t working as it should. And if there is an injury directly to the muscle or the ligament, it can become very stiff as the body is trying to protect it.

Overexertion or Overuse

Many aches come simply from overusing the muscles. It might be from working out, having an active weekend, or physically demanding work. And the chances of experiencing aches increase if you do not warm up before or cool down afterward.

General Lack of Health

There are several medical issues that can cause muscle aches, but often it’s how well you care for yourself. A poor diet and lack of exercise can leave your muscles starving for the nutrients they need or the proper circulation they rely on. Dehydration can also play a role, as can not getting enough restful sleep or managing stress well.

Treating Muscle Aches With Chiropractic Care

Our team can help you combat all of the common causes of muscle aches. Adjustments help restore health to the skeletal system, which takes undue stress off the muscular system. Soft tissue techniques – including massage, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound therapy – release tension, improve circulation to the muscles, and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Through nutritional guidance and herbal medicine, we can help you achieve and maintain better overall health. Additionally, we’ll guide you through improved habits to prevent overuse of your muscles, as well as sleep better and even manage stress better.

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