PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift Treatments in Long Beach

Skin that starts to sag in the face, chest, arms, buttocks, and other areas of your body can quickly age a person. Reducing the effects of aging and tightening skin is one of the most dramatic ways to restore a youthful appearance.

PDO thread lifting in Long Beach, one of the popular cosmetic services we offer at Hudavi Wellness, is a leading way to lift sagging skin and increase definition in the face and body. This effective cosmetic procedure provides several months of results with a single, minimally invasive procedure. Learn more at 562-433-2177 or book an appointment to start.

Understanding PDO Thread Lifting at Hudavi Wellness

The PDO thread lift procedure uses threads made of Polydioxanone, a naturally occurring protein that will eventually dissolve in the skin. By running threads through the skin, we can increase structure and reduce sagging, all without surgery. The PDO thread lift procedure at Hudavi Wellness will generally include the following steps:

  • Initial Consultation - We will discuss the possibilities and potential results. Common areas targeted with PDO thread lift include the jaw, around the mouth, brows, cheeks, neck, crow’s feet, arms, and chest. 
  • Insert the Threads - We inject a hypodermic needle with the PDO threads loaded on it under the skin. When we withdraw the needle, the thread is left in place.
  • Threading Results - PDO thread lift will naturally lift and tighten skin. It will also promote collagen development for increased elasticity even after the PDO threads have dissolved.

The results of PDO thread lift in Long Beach include the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, more defined facial contours, a softer smile, a chiseled jawline, and other aesthetic enhancements. 

The procedure provides immediate results that continue to last for months afterwards and the majority of our clients experience only slight swelling or bruising in the week following the procedure. This makes PDO thread lift a leading alternative to cosmetic surgery or shorter term injection treatments.

Why Achieve Your Most Confident Self at Hudavi Wellness 

Our approach at Hudavi Wellness is designed to help clients look and feel great with options that include chiropractic services, massage, acupuncture, and our extensive range of cosmetic services. We are able to provide a single PDO thread lift in Long Beach with high quality results, or can combine thread lifting with Sculptra or dermal fillers to truly transform your look. 

Our services are available to men and women with each procedure specifically customized to meet your aesthetic goals. If you are ready to get achievable and lasting results from the leading aesthetic technicians in Long Beach, book an appointment online today. We can also talk with you over the phone at 562-433-2177 to share more information about PDO thread lift.

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