Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is a very useful modality for a wide range of medical conditions. At Hudavi Wellness, our licensed therapists provide massage therapy to our clients in Long Beach, CA.

Over the past few decades, a great deal of scientific research has been done on the benefits of massage therapy. Studies show massage to help reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension. These benefits make massage a great complementary treatment to chiropractic care and help improve your health.

To learn more about how you can benefit from massage therapy, call us today.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Long Beach, CA with Hudavi Wellness

Deep tissue massage is the preferred chiropractic massage therapy to treat injuries, chronic pain, and stiff muscles, in addition to providing a full body relaxation. Deep tissue massage targets the soft tissue far beneath the skin to reduce tension and aid recovery.

Hudavi Wellness offers deep tissue massage in Long Beach to help clients dealing with physical health challenges, recovering from accidents, or needing greater relaxation. Our experienced chiropractors provide our deep tissue massage therapy as part of our holistic treatment solutions or for individual healing. Make an appointment for deep tissue massage in Long Beach online or by calling us at 562-433-2177.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Soft tissues in your body like muscles, ligaments, and fascia - the layer of connective tissue beneath the skin - holds much of the tension in the body. While this can contribute to stiff muscles and pain on its own, it can also be a side effect of many physical health conditions, causing increased pain and limited mobility for people suffering from:

  • Injury
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Pain

In addition to providing relief from muscle pain, deep tissue massage can reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. We also use it to support chiropractic adjustments and other treatment options.

What to Expect from a Deep Tissue Massage

Compared to most other forms of massage therapy, deep tissue is often a more intensive massage. It uses firm pressure when manipulating muscles and other soft tissues, which can at times be uncomfortable, but is effective at loosening tight muscles.

Our chiropractors in Long Beach will discuss your health history and current symptoms, as well as any concerns you have, to provide a massage experience that is right for your needs. A deep massage can be a full body massage or focus solely on problem areas and muscle groups.

The massage will start slowly and gently to warm up your tissues before transitioning to intense deep strokes and kneading of your muscles. Although there may be some minor tenderness in the following days, you should have a long term reduction in muscle pain.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy in Long Beach at Hudavi Wellness

Hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing forms of massage for many clients. It also offers significant benefits in terms of your health with many of the same benefits for soft tissues as a deep tissue massage.

Hudavi Wellness is a team of chiropractors and massage therapists in Long Beach who use hot stone massage as part of our comprehensive health solutions. Whether you want a day of extreme relaxation, are recovering from an injury, or living with pain, a hot stone massage will improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Schedule your massage with Hudavi Wellness online or contact us at 562-433-2177 to learn more about massage options.

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How Our Hot Stone Massage Works

With hot stone massage, we use the relaxing effects of heat alongside the manual manipulation of your muscles and other tissues in the body. Large flat stones made of basalt, a type of volcanic material, provide the gentle heat for this therapy, which we heat in water to a temperature of approximately 140 degrees.

The therapist will place the stones along your spine and other locations around your body. The heat instantly begins to loosen tissues. It also opens blood vessels to increase blood flow, promoting:

  • Promoting fast healing after an injury.
  • Reducing mental and physical tension.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Making your entire body feel more relaxed. 

Although the stones themselves will feel great, one of the main benefits of a hot stone massage is that it makes the muscles looser and easier to manipulate when we begin the physical massage. This means we can easily access deep tissues, but with a lighter touch and in less time than a deep tissue massage. You get the same level of relaxation without the intensity of the deep tissue massage that some clients find to be uncomfortable.

A hot stone massage is also simply luxurious for those seeking the most relaxing way to lessen muscle pain and tightness.

Why Choose Hudavi Wellness for Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hudavi Wellness is the best place in Long Beach for a hot stone massage. Our chiropractors are experienced in promoting relaxation and reducing pain, while also understanding the role chiropractic massage therapy plays in your overall mental and physical health. Each of our chiropractic massage services is structured to meet your specific needs with an attentive team dedicated to your well being.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage Therapy at Hudavi Wellness

Pregnancy puts extensive physical stress on the body, and changing hormones can cause anxiety and irritation as well. Prenatal massage in Long Beach will help improve your physical and mental health and make you more comfortable throughout the pregnancy.

Hudavi Wellness offers gentle and relaxing prenatal massage in Long Beach for expecting mothers. Our certified prenatal massage therapists are experienced in a range of massage techniques that can safely help you reduce aches and pains, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve your overall health and that of your baby. Learn more about these massage techniques and book your appointment online or by calling us at 562-433-2177. 

How Prenatal Massage in Long Beach Can Help Expectant Mothers

Prenatal Massage at Hudavi Wellness relies on several different types of massage therapies to provide techniques that are specially suited for mothers in various stages of pregnancy. We will often use techniques from massage therapies like Swedish massage and others, but with a focus on providing the appropriate support and gentle movements to avoid any stress for you or your baby.

With prenatal massage, we apply pressure to the soft tissues and muscle groups. The light pressure releases tension in the muscles and improves blood circulation, offering benefits like:

  • Reducing Swelling 
  • Reducing Lower Back Pain 
  • Decreasing Leg Cramps 
  • Improved Sleep
  • Fewer Headaches 
  • Reducing Anxiety and Stress

During a prenatal massage, we can focus on specific areas of your body that have been experiencing pain, such as the lower back and feet, or provide a full body massage. A prenatal massage from Hudavi Wellness will help you feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally with fewer aches and more relaxation as you move through your pregnancy.

Why Visit Hudavi Wellness for Prenatal Massage Therapy

Hudavi Wellness is a holistic chiropractor and health specialist in Long Beach. Our chiropractic massage therapy can be a valuable addition to your prenatal care with our certified massage therapists providing prenatal massage that specifically addresses your challenges and meets your needs.

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage in Long Beach, CA

Massage has many benefits for both your physical and mental health. But one of the greatest benefits is relaxation. While all massage can offer some relaxation, relaxation massage is a gentler form of massage therapy with the primary goal of relaxation massage.

Hudavi Wellness offers relaxation massage therapy in Long Beach that is ideal for almost every patient. For relaxation massage, our expert therapists customize the experience around your needs to focus on the areas of your body that hold the most tension and create an environment in which you will feel relaxed and pampered. Book a relaxing massage with one of our licensed therapists or call us at 562-433-2177 with any questions.

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What to Expect with Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage in Long Island is one of the most popular forms of massage. Our gentle techniques and personalized approach mean the majority of our clients will see benefits from this relaxation massage, often without any of the temporary soreness that comes with more intense massages, such as deep tissue massages and Swedish massage.

Instead, we provide a treatment with the goal of total relaxation, using both our experience and your preferences to guide massage therapy. Relaxation massage at Hudavi Wellness will focus on the different large muscle groups in your body that hold tension, including the: 

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Lower Back
  • Arms 
  • Legs 
  • Hands
  • Feet 

We can adjust our approach as needed if you have specific areas that you want to pay attention to or avoid. For each of these areas, we provide the right amount of stimulation, based on your feedback, to loosen and relax the muscles.

Some of the other features of relaxation massage can include relaxing music, low lighting, and aromatherapy to create an environment suitable for meditation and give you the space to relax your mind as well as your body. 

Many of our patients also enjoy the pampering and luxury that a relaxation massage can provide, offering a chance to step back from a busy routine for nurturing and holistic wellness. Relaxation massage is great as both a one time stress reduction treatment or as an ongoing therapy to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage in Long Beach, CA

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage therapy in Long Beach. It is gentle enough to provide full body relaxation while still getting deep enough into the soft tissues to remove tension and reduce pain, making it a valuable part of holistic health care.

Hudavi Wellness provides chiropractic massage therapy with Swedish massage in Long Beach. Our experienced massage therapists target soft tissues in your back, neck, legs, joints, and other areas that hold tension to provide an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and healthy. Book a Swedish massage treatment at Hudavi Wellness online.

Swedish Massage Treatments from Hudavi Wellness

In the practice of Swedish massage, a massage therapist uses sweeping motions and gentle kneading to direct pressure to soft tissues in your body, including the skin, muscles, fascia, connective tissue, and blood vessels that hold your bones together. 

Regular activities in your daily routine, including both physical activity and extended periods of reduced movement, as well as stress, can cause these soft tissues to become tight. Manipulating the muscles and loosening them through Swedish massage provides benefits that include:

  • Pain Reduction - Tight muscles can hold bones closely, leading to discomfort. As the muscles relax, bones and joints can move more naturally.
  • Improved Blood Flow - Stimulation of the soft tissues during Swedish massage will increase blood circulation.
  • Better Flexibility - Looser joints and muscles will give you a greater range of motion if you have regular stiffness or are recovering after an injury.
  • Removal of Lymphatic Fluid - Lymphatic fluid builds up in the muscles during periods of low movement and causes pain. Massage simulates movement from exercise and helps drain lymphatic fluid. 
  • Stress Reduction - In addition to the physical benefits, Swedish massage is also helpful in reducing stress and improving your overall mood as a result of the relaxing environment and the release of physical tension.

At Hudavi Wellness, we customize our approach to massage therapy for your needs. You can choose the pressure level you prefer, whether you like low pressure, moderate pressure, or intense pressure. Massage can also be a one time experience to give you the chance to pamper yourself, or you can set up an ongoing appointment to continuously manage muscle tension, chronic pain, or simply increase your overall comfort.

Our Swedish massage is a beneficial treatment to accompany almost any other physical health treatments since it is effective at reducing pain and discomfort as well as loosening soft tissues to promote injury recovery or allow easier chiropractic adjustment.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy in Long Beach, CA

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies, both in training and competition, and sports massage is a great way to take care of your body in between training and keep you in top shape for performance with massage techniques that meet the specific needs of athletes and active individuals.

Hudavi Wellness is a chiropractor and massage therapist specializing in sports massage in Long Beach. Our expert and caring massage therapists are experienced in providing massage therapy that complements your regular activity and works alongside other chiropractic and physical treatments to help you both recover after sports related injuries and boost your performance. Reserve a sports massage therapy appointment through our online booking system to get started.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage at Hudavi Wellness is designed for an active lifestyle or for anyone who wants to increase mobility. It draws from both the gentle techniques of Swedish massage and the more intensive methods of deep tissue massage. This combination enables us to get to the muscles and connective tissue that you rely on during sports or performance.

This deep tissue massage is effective at loosening those muscles. Sports massage also often incorporates stretching to help further relax tissues, benefiting athletes through:

  • Improved Performance 
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Less Muscle Pain After Workouts
  • Faster Recovery from Sports Related Injuries
  • Injury Prevention

Based on your needs, we can provide pre-event sports massage and post-event sports massage to either warm up your muscles or cool them down after you have competed. We also provide restorative sports massage as an option during your ongoing training, or recovery sports massage if you have recently sustained a sports related injury.

We tailor each massage to your individual needs, making sports massage from Hudavi Wellness a valuable practice to incorporate into any level of training. Whether you participate in intensive sports or are a regular gym goer, sports massage can keep your body in shape for all of your activities, give you greater range of movement, and help reduce the risk and discomfort from injury.

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Our massage therapy in Long Beach, CA provides holistic care for your physical health. We use chiropractic massage therapy to promote wellness and recovery, provided by massage therapists who understand your unique needs based on the activities you participate in and your current health.


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