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Sports Massage Therapy in Long Beach, CA

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies, both in training and competition, and sports massage is a great way to take care of your body in between training and keep you in top shape for performance with massage techniques that meet the specific needs of athletes and active individuals.

Hudavi Wellness is a chiropractor and massage therapist specializing in sports massage in Long Beach. Our expert and caring massage therapists are experienced in providing massage therapy that complements your regular activity and works alongside other chiropractic and physical treatments to help you both recover after sports related injuries and boost your performance. Reserve a sports massage therapy appointment through our online booking system to get started.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage at Hudavi Wellness is designed for an active lifestyle or for anyone who wants to increase mobility. It draws from both the gentle techniques of Swedish massage and the more intensive methods of deep tissue massage. This combination enables us to get to the muscles and connective tissue that you rely on during sports or performance.

This deep tissue massage is effective at loosening those muscles. Sports massage also often incorporates stretching to help further relax tissues, benefiting athletes through:

  • Improved Performance 
  • Greater Flexibility 
  • Less Muscle Pain After Workouts 
  • Faster Recovery from Sports Related Injuries 
  • Injury Prevention 

Based on your needs, we can provide pre-event sports massage and post-event sports massage to either warm up your muscles or cool them down after you have competed. We also provide restorative sports massage as an option during your ongoing training, or recovery sports massage if you have recently sustained a sports related injury.

We tailor each massage to your individual needs, making sports massage from Hudavi Wellness a valuable practice to incorporate into any level of training. Whether you participate in intensive sports or are a regular gym goer, sports massage can keep your body in shape for all of your activities, give you greater range of movement, and help reduce the risk and discomfort from injury.

About Hudavi Wellness 

Our massage therapy in Long Beach, CA provides holistic care for your physical health. We use chiropractic massage therapy to promote wellness and recovery, provided by massage therapists who understand your unique needs based on the activities you participate in and your current health.

When you are looking to achieve greater flexibility and movement, relief from soreness, or get back out on the field after an injury, sports massage in Long Beach at Hudavi Wellness can help. Contact us 562-433-2177 to learn more about our various options, or book your first appointment online.

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