• Diane Shackleton-Harper

    Esthetician Diane Shackleton-Harper has been working in the Medical/Day Spa setting since 1999. With her advanced knowledge in Medical Skin Care technologies, she offers in-depth treatments for the ongoing Health and Wellness of your skin. Diane promotes overall contentment and general well-being. Let your daily stresses of life melt away in one of her deluxe Signature Facials and extractions. Using a mixture of Pressure Point Therapy and Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Diane’s facial will leave you deeply relaxed and restored with healthy, glowing skin. Diane is constantly educating herself on progressive treatments and products to provide you with current information to ensure you and your skin are always healthy and beautiful!

    Hobbies: I have a husband and two teenagers and my hobby is spending time with them, going on vacation, the kids’ sporting events, enjoying time outside but staying protected from the sun.

    Favorite thing about working at Hudavi: My favorite thing about working at Hudavi , is the special personal relationships I have with most of my clients . Long Beach is such a “big city, small town”, We see each other outside of treatment room, to network and enjoy each others company.

    Favorite (or Specialty) Treatment: I enjoy doing all facial treatments at Hudavi, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Spice Enzyme facial. I have been working with Epicuren for 15 years and that treatment is so versatile, and is so easy to customize for ALL skin types, and concerns.

    Practicing since: 1999

    Diane is now offering our NEW Derma-planing Treatment and Endymed Radiofrequecy Skin Tightening

  • Sherry Carpenter

    Also one of our wonderful massage therapists, Sherry is a multi-talented graduate of the National Institute of Technology. She is a very knowledgeable esthetician, with a keen awareness for skin type and very natural, gentle ways of healing. Enjoy a wonderful facial followed by a lovely massage by Sherry! She really does do it all!

    Sherry has been practicing massage since 2005.  Sherry performs numerous modalities including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sport Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Reflexology. Sherry is passionate about Pre and Post Natal massage as she considers it her specialty. Sherry enjoys helping guests rid their discomfort through natural healing. She is passionate about massage as it’s a drug-free, holistic way to treat pain and discomfort. Sherry also practices Reiki and is passionate about the healing nature of this energy focused relaxed practice.

    Professional Training/ Education/ Certification: CAMTC, Licensed Esthetician, Reiki Practitioner

    Practicing in the spa industry since: 2005

    Favorite thing about working at Hudavi:  I love working with all the clients and patients to achieve the results they desire in a natural and healthy way.

    Favorite (or specialty) treatments: Sports Massage, Mom- to- Be Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Body wraps/scrubs, facials, microdermabrasion, peels, Reiki, hot stone.

  • Laura Arrazola
    Massage Therapist

    Over a decade ago, Laura decided she wanted a career that would enable her to positively affect other peoples’ lives. She chose to embark on a journey into Massage & Body Work to fulfil that desire. After attending Lincoln Institute in 2004, Laura became a California State Licensed Massage Therapist and quickly integrated herself into the world of health & wellness. Having lost her eyesight at the young age of 18, Laura has developed a masterful set of skills which enable her to care for all of her guests’ aches & pains. With her background working in a chiropractic office, Laura’s specialties include treating guests with sciatic pain, neck tension & headaches. She regularly attends classes to learn better and more effective ways to identify the causes of pain and how to treat those causes. Her treatment knowledge ranges from Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage to Sports and Prenatal massages. She just updated Craniosacral to her list of massages. Laura firmly believes that everyone should receive regular massage treatments to help prevent serious pain or injury.

    Professional Training/ Education/ Certification: California Massage Therapist Certification

    Practicing in the spa industry since: 2005

    Favorite (or Specialty) Treatment:  Swedish Massage and Mom-to-Be Massage

    Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends.

  • Jimmy Nguyen
    Massage Therapist

    Jimmy began his journey with us long ago at our former location. After spending time abroad, we are delighted that Jimmy has brought his body work skills back to Hudavi Wellness. Jimmy specializes in Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage. He is adept at identifying areas of tense, knotted muscles and uses intricate massage modalities to bring relief to his guests. Many of Jimmy’s regular guests enjoy adding hot stones or reflexology to their massages.

    Professional Training/ Education/ Certification: California Massage Therapist Certification

    Practicing in the spa industry since: 1999

    Favorite thing about working at Hudavi:  The guests

    Favorite (or specialty) treatment: 100% Deep Tissue

  • Christina Newton-Marshall
    Massage Therapist

    Professional Training/ Education/ Certification:

    California Massage Therapist Association

    Practicing in the spa since:  2023

    Favorite thing about working at Hudavi:
    I love massage therapy and helping people relax and unwind.


    I enjoy meditation, candles, chakra balancing and yoga

    Favorite (or specialty) treatments:

    My favorite massage to perform is Swedish Massage. I also enjoy pressure point therapy, hot stone massage as well as Reflexology on the feet and hands and Lymphatic Massage

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