Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage in Long Beach, CA

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage therapy in Long Beach. It is gentle enough to provide full body relaxation while still getting deep enough into the soft tissues to remove tension and reduce pain, making it a valuable part of holistic health care.

Hudavi Wellness provides chiropractic massage therapy with Swedish massage in Long Beach. Our experienced massage therapists target soft tissues in your back, neck, legs, joints, and other areas that hold tension to provide an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and healthy. Book a Swedish massage treatment at Hudavi Wellness online.

Swedish Massage Treatments from Hudavi Wellness

In the practice of Swedish massage, a massage therapist uses sweeping motions and gentle kneading to direct pressure to soft tissues in your body, including the skin, muscles, fascia, connective tissue, and blood vessels that hold your bones together. 

Regular activities in your daily routine, including both physical activity and extended periods of reduced movement, as well as stress, can cause these soft tissues to become tight. Manipulating the muscles and loosening them through Swedish massage provides benefits that include:

  • Pain Reduction - Tight muscles can hold bones closely, leading to discomfort. As the muscles relax, bones and joints can move more naturally.
  • Improved Blood Flow - Stimulation of the soft tissues during Swedish massage will increase blood circulation.
  • Better Flexibility - Looser joints and muscles will give you a greater range of motion if you have regular stiffness or are recovering after an injury.
  • Removal of Lymphatic Fluid - Lymphatic fluid builds up in the muscles during periods of low movement and causes pain. Massage simulates movement from exercise and helps drain lymphatic fluid. 
  • Stress Reduction - In addition to the physical benefits, Swedish massage is also helpful in reducing stress and improving your overall mood as a result of the relaxing environment and the release of physical tension.

At Hudavi Wellness, we customize our approach to massage therapy for your needs. You can choose the pressure level you prefer, whether you like low pressure, moderate pressure, or intense pressure. Massage can also be a one time experience to give you the chance to pamper yourself, or you can set up an ongoing appointment to continuously manage muscle tension, chronic pain, or simply increase your overall comfort.

Our Swedish massage is a beneficial treatment to accompany almost any other physical health treatments since it is effective at reducing pain and discomfort as well as loosening soft tissues to promote injury recovery or allow easier chiropractic adjustment.

We invite you to call us at 562-433-2177 to learn more about our massage practice in Long Beach or set up an appointment through our online booking system.

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