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Thai Massage in Long Beach, CA

Thai massage combines the relaxing effects of massage therapy with the energy and restorative power of stretching. Often called assisted yoga for its similarities to yoga practice, Thai massage is different from the other massage techniques you may be familiar with. These unique techniques offer an extensive range of benefits for athletes, those recovering from injury, and people who are looking for a more active massage therapy.

Hudavi Wellness offers Thai massage therapy in Long Beach as part of our holistic health services. Our certified massage therapists have extensive experience in the Thai massage practice and are able to tailor it to your needs to leave you feeling relaxed and energized. Schedule a massage in Long Beach today or contact us at 562-433-2177 to get more information.

How Thai Massage Benefits Your Health

With Thai massage, you take a more active role during the massage. Instead of laying on the table while a therapist applies pressure to muscles and other soft tissues, Thai massage therapy at Hudavi Wellness takes place on a padded floor and you will be fully clothed. 

Your therapist will carefully move your limbs and body with gentle pressure to complete stretching exercises. The therapist moves slowly to ease you into deep poses that stretch the muscles and hold you in each pose long enough for the layers of fascia and other connective tissue to release their tension.

Thai massage has all of the relaxation benefits associated with massage, leaving you both mentally and physically relaxed. Thai massage also offers the additional advantages of:

  • Reducing Pain - Muscles that are tight tend to increase pain within the body as both soft and hard tissues are held more closely together.
  • Reducing Stress - Since stress generally causes muscles to contract, relaxing the muscles with stretching will diminish stress in mind and body.
  • Improved Blood Circulation - The stretching and muscle manipulation of Thai massage has similar effects to exercise by increasing blood flow to make you feel more energized.
  • Greater Flexibility - Because Thai massage involves gently stretching and lengthening the muscles, it can lead to improved flexibility and range of movement.

If you have any areas where you are experiencing pain or want to focus, your massage therapist can target those regions. They will also focus on a full body stretch and relaxation. 

Thai massage is the ideal option for anyone seeking a more active massage treatment that engages the entire body to leave you feeling energized, more flexible, and emotionally balanced. 

We can share more details about our Thai massage therapy in Long Beach to help you decide if this technique is right for you, as well as provide information about the other forms of chiropractic massage therapy we offer, when you contact Hudavi Wellness at 562-433-2177. You can also schedule your Thai massage appointment online though our reservation system to get started.

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